Saturday, 30 November 2013

Fifth Column Update

Five columns and side borders quilted. Top and bottom borders and facing binding to go (and counting...)

And the quilting muse - clearly stressed - not.....

And when we got home from dinner last night my houseworking clothes appeared to be in her bed.....she had the grace to look guilty - at least slightly....

Hoping to show completed quilt very soon,

Sue xxxx

Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Fifth Column

I believe this term has some kind of political / subversive meaning but to me it means progress......About to attach the fifth and final column to the flannel quilt, then it's borders and binding. It's beginning to feel closer to the finish line....

In other news Miss Maxie is visiting again - this time for a week. A perfect quilting companion......

Such a cutie - and so soft.

Sue xxxx

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A Colourful Interlude

Some say that you shouldn't let the grass grow under your feet but it seems that a lot of (generally senior) Australians are doing just that - but not at home, rather somewhere along the vast highways, roads and dirt tracks that traverse our country. Many head north to escape the southern winter, following the sun until they find their preferred spot to be as active or as sedentary as they choose.

The rigs range from the super-duper-all mod cons to more basic setups but all have their own comforts and all say 'this is my home and I'm proud of it'. The occupants are generally well tanned from hours in the sun fishing, walking or simply sitting in quiet contemplation.

We joined the 'grey nomads' for two weeks in September in Western Australia and came home with hundreds more photos to sort and heads spinning with the beauty of the unique wildflowers which were coming into bloom and the glorious colours of the landscape where the desert meets the ocean at Ningaloo Reef.

The colours were at times softened by the light conditions or so intense they almost hurt your eyes. I thought maybe the tourist brochures were highly edited but the colours were true to the colours we saw and photographed for ourselves.

Enough said - it was a delight........

Dawn over the first camp.

Yardie Creek

Complete with Rock Wallabies...

Same sun - different ocean
And once again, no apologies for the number of photos......but I hope you'll find something to enjoy. Truly was spectacularly beautiful.

Sue xxxx