Thursday, 28 February 2013

Been Fishing

A few days in the mountains with good friends makes for a refreshing break despite the weather being a bit iffy at times. I took my very, old friend 'Janome' with me but ended up spending the time reading and working on a long 'archived' project. (Insert 'something prepared and stuffed in a cupboard probably years ago.... ')

Basically it's an experiment in Kantha and Crazy patchwork embroidery. I plan to embroider the heck out of it to hopefully create a cloth with a vintage feel to it. If it works satisfactorily I'll turn it into a tablerunner for the coffee table. Regardless, it's a very meditative activity giving space to think or listen to conversation or music.

On the way home....

we became increasingly aware of the mini tornado that had ripped through our small town leaving a trail of destruction in a seemingly indiscriminate swathe through houses and farmland. Over 100 houses damaged in varying degrees - we were fortunate. 

Back at quilting on Monday we played with creating depth and atmospheric perspective in a small, freeform landscape.

What a difference a frame makes.......

And finally - a pic of the 'Grand-dog's' parents......

(She looks like her mum - on the right.

PS: In case you are wondering about fish - the Lake pretty much won this time.....

Sunday, 17 February 2013

On My Design Wall

I recently made a bunch of half square triangles with the idea of making one or two small cushions to go with my large needlepoint cushion under construction. (Actually it's been 'under construction' since about 1979 when I was living in Greece and saw this design - or something like it - on a tiled wall. I loved it then and still think it's striking.

The needlepoint has been packed away - coming out for an airing from time to time - mainly because I didn't know what to do with it.)

I've quilted some cosy flannel for the back but need to think about the construction more carefully and shop for some chunky cording or make some piping to both cover the seams and add a more professional finish. (Any thoughts or suggestions on how to continue would be most welcome, especially from anyone with expertise in this area, like my sister........hint - I don't think I can pack it away for another thirty years.)

I was inspired to jump in and make a batch after browsing a couple of blogs that I check regularly. Both Jeni (@In Color Order) and Katie (@Sew Katie Did) offer tutorials on how to make them and share the inviting possibilities for layouts that they're experimenting with or quilts they've already made.

Katie is also co-author of this book - which you might have seen around. If not, may I suggest you take a look...

And Jeni has her first range of fabric designs released through 'Art Gallery Fabrics' and her blog offers some great little tutorials and tips on choosing fabrics for projects and fabric storage. (Especially good for anyone new to quilting.)

A couple of ideas I'm tossing around include.........

More play required on this one.

Friday, 15 February 2013


ABB Dad - (another bloody book....) - a few more tips to help iron out the wrinkles as I get a grip on FMQ.....

To provide a break from this one......

It will be interesting to compare his journey to mine (with the benefit of aeroplanes, buses, digital camera's, phones and blogs......). Wonder what he'd think if he was around today.

And a small Friday Finish - one hexie each and one for the teapot (if I can find it).

Have a great weekend,

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Welcome to 'Dust Keeps the Furniture Warm'.

Welcome to my Blog and my first post. I am on a steep learning curve here so hope you'll bear with me (if you choose to follow) as I stumble along this path.

I have started this as a scrapbook or diary to record and help keep myself accountable as I stitch and experiment. Also to establish a platform for family (and anyone interested) to find out what I'm up and comment or offer constructive criticism or to ask  questions.  It's a place for me to post pictures of WIPs (Works in Progress), UFO (Unfinished works) and work that finally reaches completion.  It is also a place for me to document my travels, anything special from the kitchen or garden, or anything else that interests me and to communicate and share with like-minded people.

At this stage I don't know how often I'll blog - I'm not putting any limits or expectation on myself - and maybe this blog will become another UFO - only time will tell.

I attribute the blog title to my cousin Denise who said, as we discussed the state of our domestic situations, that in the grand scheme of  a professional working life with a young family that sometimes a bit of dust wasn't the most important thing we had to worry about "and anyway, dust keeps the furniture warm".

I'm retired now and have plenty of time to follow my interests - but funnily enough, my furniture is warmer than ever......

Let's begin.......

A couple of small diversions - seemed like good ideas at the time.

 Cushion finished - tick. Very happy with the more defined quilting lines created by using upholstery thread.
Free motion quilting sample - it's beginning to come together. (Thanks Carolyn.)

Placemats for Tim and Clare. I'm liking the moderrn focus on creating and quilting large areas of negative space.

See you next time,