Wednesday, 26 June 2013


What is it about doors? I know I'm not the only crazy traveller who loves taking photos of them -  large, small, very old, new and perhaps based on ancient traditions but all purposefully leading somewhere and with the same general aims - to protect those dwelling inside from the elements, prying eyes or intruders or to make a statement about the building it adorns or the occupants or purpose within.

Sometimes you have the priviledge of walking through them to snatch a glimpse at life on the other side and possibly another culture. Sometimes you are left to wonder ......Oh, the stories they could tell.......


        A few finer details........

From Central Asia over to Seoul in Korea......

All that and more design possibilities,
Sue xxxx

Friday, 21 June 2013

Why Do We Do It?

You often hear non-quilters making comments about cutting up perfectly good fabric and sewing it back together again.....

I'm beginning to wonder if maybe they have a point. Remind me - why do we do it? It may take a while to put all these bit together - so much for a quick quilt.

But he's worth it........

Sue xxxx

(Note to self - check for stray threads before taking photos.......)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

More Tiles

Most of the time I was photographing these more geometric tile designs I remember thinking how I would go about piecing these designs, then how would I quilt them...... potential for modern quilts abounds - and these designs are hundreds of years old. Do you think perhaps glazed tiles = shot cottons???? Paper piecing anyone?

Lots more food for thought - and once more no apologies for the number of photos, nor if I've accidentally doubled up on any. Just let it wash over you, then have a good look at some close-ups and you'll see what I was thinking.....

                           (Our terrific Uzbek guide in the foreground...)

                 (Actually not tiles, but fits in with this post I think.)

All that, and just think we haven't even touched on mud bricks, domes, doors, carpets, ceramics or maybe some natural beauty to give our minds a bit of a rest........I'll see what takes my fancy.
Funnily enough before this trip blue wouldn't really have been one of my main 'go to' colours. I feel a blue collection will begin  as soon as I come off my fabric diet....
For now I need to get back to the flannel,
Sue xxxx