Sunday, 13 July 2014

Shopping for Change

Quite a lot has happened around here since I last blogged. On returning from Tonga (future posts) we have been in full planning and shopping mode for the soon to be changes around here. (These are the smallest purchases in the program.......)

Not quite a rangehood but that's what we were looking for when someone said (not me), "That would look good in our new kitchen." I had to agree. (As it happened, our old toaster had given a strong message that it was retiring that morning so it wasn't an entirely frivolous purchase - though apparently there was no justification (yet) for the matching kettle.

 A few more BBs (bloody books in case you are new to this blog). So impressed by recent River Cottage shows that it made perfect sense to get the books and frankly I'd like to cook just about everything in them - especially the first two.

I started reading 'Salt' on our boat trip - somewhat appropriate - and felt it would be a worthwhile addition to my library of books on cooking and food history. Who knew salt was so important historically? I certainly had no idea. It's very readable and I wouldn't hesitate to suggest it to anyone who has an interest in why we eat what we do. 'Cod' promises to be equally interesting.

As far as the change goes here's a progress update if you are interested:
  • Extension plans now in Council to be approved.
  • Kitchen design and plan now in place (almost beside myself in excitement - it's been a loooong time coming).
  • Flooring decided - cork (Rustic Olive)
  • Cupboards and bench-top decided (Peruvian Clay and Wild Rice)
  • Deposits on oven, (old oven started this whole process) combi-steamer oven, induction cooktop, dishwasher (also complaining heartily every time it starts up)  and fridge/freezer
  • Sink and tap chosen
  • Rangehood - almost there....
  • Anticipated starting date early August - if all goes well.
  • Stitching - ZERO
So while I have been AWOL on the blog I haven't been idle, though my brain is aching from all the decision making.......(in a good way).

We have also been dog-sitting and have had a couple of adventures (at least Lucy has) but I'll save those for another post.

Sue xxxx