Sunday, 29 September 2013

Getting Back in the Swing.......

After being away for a couple of weeks I thought I'd post a list of all my UFOs and WIPs to help keep myself accountable and start up (another) action plan to get back into the swing of things beyond the competition / retreat / holiday- after all that was one of the main reasons I started the blog........... put it out there and see if anyone asks "Have you finished that yet?"

Then I thought maybe instead of writing more lists I should actually DO SOMETHING, so I did. After a bit of seam pressing and trimming blocks for the flanel quilt (yes, I know winter is over but as I explained to the intended recipient his quilt is not just for this year) I pulled out one of last year's Christmas projects which didn't quite make it over the line.

Border indecision was a major factor in the project stumbling to a halt. I decided I wanted this to be a cloth for a small table rather than a quilt and stumbled on some seersucker which seemed to be the answer. Rather than a binding I used a pillow facing and stitched around the edge to secure the layers.

I think it needs a little 'something else' but I'm not quite sure what. I considered red rick-rack (or is it ric-rac??) but couldn't find the right colour. Or maybe it needs a little stitching in the centre block or in each corner of the centre square just to secure the shape??????? (If anyone has any thoughts / suggestions I'd love to hear them, otherwise it will be classified as finished and put into service all too soon.)

Meanwhile, I still have that 'action plan' to compile and 3 blog posts in draft form, each with lots of photos to share - but I have cleaned the bathroom!!!

I have declared October a month to finish things, so we'll see what happens - I might even do some dusting.......if I have time......
Sue xxxx

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