Friday, 25 October 2013

Next Steps

The five columns are done, the vertical sashing strip and borders are cut and I'm gearing up for the QAYG construction.

A few bits to sort out and I can start putting it all together. A little creative patching will be required for the backing columns as I'm a bit short of fabric to make it all the same (I bought the last yardage on the bolt but it wasn't enough) - but then again, that fits in with the improvisational nature of the quilt.

Also have to cut out the batting strips - not looking forward to that as it usually seems to have a mind of its own. If anyone has any tips on that I'd appreciate some.

I'll let you know how I get on,
Sue xxxx


  1. Columns are looking terrific ... well done. Re the batting, have you thought about a bit of 505 adhesive spray?

  2. Thanks for that. No, I hadn't thought of the spray - it might be just the solution I need.