Thursday, 5 February 2015

More Treats and some Accidental Shopping!

The medical roundabout means a couple of small treats to keep the little grey cells amused.......these are the latest!

Mark Making is another approach for using stitch expressively. I have a number of related books but there's always something new to pick up on.....
Sorry - couldn't seem to crop this pic........
Double Wedding Ring Quilts is Victoria Findlay Wolfe's second book and follows on from the two part interview she did on Nancy Zieman's program. These programs are still available to view online at Nancy's website (see under Videos and give a great insight into Victoria's processes and as well as being very thought provoking....
And so to the 'acidental shopping'........coming home from the Doctor's we once again saw a sign for one of the seemingly eternally closing down rug shops. We had intended to look in there 'one day' and on a whim, stopped for a quick browse......(after all, this was supposed to be the final clearance???)

Around a corner, on the floor was this rug which stopped us both in our tracks.

After thinking about the size, colours and designs the shop assistant suggested we take it home on approval to see if it met our criteria. It went down on the floor and looked as if it belonged, in fact it looked as if it had been there all along.

The dog seemed to approve, so that was that!

Once again pic not great - apologies.......but you get the idea!

Sue xxxx

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