Saturday, 30 April 2016

When You Can't Sew books. A modern slant to liven things up.......

I first came across Natalia Bonner's name when I bought this book a couple of years ago as I delved into everything I could get my hands on to develop my free motion quilting skills. It's a well set out skill builder and worth having in your library.

She popped up again last year on Nancy Zieman's show 'Sewing with Nancy'.  There are two programs on her website - 'Cabin Fever Quilts' part one and part two.......A modern take on using log cabin quilt blocks with stunning results. Much of the content is based on her book (see below) and was the reason I bought it.

To find the programs go to 'Sewing with Nancy . Click on videos then select the year 2015 and you will have access to both parts of Cabin Fever Quilts.

Modern Neutrals by Amy Ellis has some great designs using neutral colours and limited palettes - again a very modern design approach though the construction techniques will be familiar to Quilters.

Interestingly, as it turns out, the Quilts in this book are all quilted by Natalia Bonner's. ( I didn't realise that when I bought it.)

You can find Natalia's website and blog at Piece N Quilt at along with links to social media.

You can find Amy at again with other links. Amy has a new book coming out in June called Modern Heritage Quilts. You can look at a preview on Amazon books.

I have also been enjoying a couple of new Craftsy classes........

As there's not much happening on the 'Sewing front' the next posts will probably be travel posts - most likely with a textile slant.

Sue xxxx

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