Sunday, 7 April 2013

Size Apparently Matters

Hmm! When does size matter? Apparently when a quilt challenge says 'entries MUST BE 15" x30" it means exactly that, so a smidge of trimming is required off the width and a little more length is required which in turn means that 'the little grey cells' have been stretched - not Hercule Poirot's, of course, mine - ALL NIGHT!! I'm not sure why this little project has played on my mind as much as it has......

After combing my bookshelf for fanciful ideas - and I found plenty - the most obvious, practical, realistic and, above all, appropriate solution presented itself sometime during the night......... a narrow QAYG (Quilt -as-you-go) border on the bottom.

So now it should be within a gnat's whisker of the correct size and I just need to stitch down the binding and embellish. (The backing visible at the top of the pic felt like a good match for the theme of the quilt.)

If you are new to QAYG there are some fabulous tutorials on the net. I would particularly point you to Melody who blogs at Fibermania. I have been following this blog for about four years now and visit almost everyday. Melody has shared a wealth of information on quilting, fabric dyeing, knitting - just to name a few areas of interest- and has two adorable, slightly portly, dogs as well (if you are a doggy person) to boot.

Melody learned about QAYG from Marianne at The Quilting Edge who makes the most stunning, graphic quilts. I'd suggest dropping in on both of these blogs to brush up on some skills or simply to feed your imagination.

Til next time,
Sue xxxx

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