Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Question

Ask a question and the universe (or the Internet) sends the answer.......or at least a way forward.......

Recently at our Monday quilt group, chat turned to developing a folder either to store completed blocks or to carry them to class in an organised manner. This morning when I started the rounds of blogs that I like to follow what do you suppose I found?

On Leanne's blog (She Can Quilt - see post for 1st April) a possible solution appeared in a tutorial prepared by Jennie  (a UK quilter who blogs at Jennie's Threads). The post is titled 'Jennie's Block Keeper'. Well worth a look....

Our question took this idea a little further. 'If we create pages with, for example, squares of batting, what can we use between the 'pages' so they don't stick to each other and create chaos when we open them?' It's still an idea in development but any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome....

I have been saving this collage sample from one of our Monday Group experiments  as part of a cover for just such a project (it's even on my list of projects waiting....). It just needs some QAYG borders added to bring it up to size to make it suitable for a front cover. (I have another experimental plan for the back cover....)

But it will have to wait a little while as I'll be a bit busy for the next few weeks............a good winter project when I return perhaps.
Sue xxxx
PS: If you like the idea and plan to make one, please check out the licensing conditions on the sidebar of Leanne's blog.

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