Friday, 2 August 2013

Dyeing (with an 'e')

Ready for a day of dyeing with a like-minded almost 30 year old nappy buckets still going strong...... (actually I think that's the last cloth nappy on the top of the box. Remember them?)

I forgot to take photos of the process but at least we were organised enough to paint samples in our notebooks...

We mixed up 4 litres of hot water with soda ash + salt to make our chemical solution (about half a cup of each) then poured about 500mls into large plastic cups and added dye to each cup (about a scant half teaspoon) and stirred til dissolved - starting with various blues and greens and lemon yellow.

After we'd used up most of that we mixed up another bucket of solution and added various reds, browns and a warm yellow to yet more cups. 

We dyed and overdyed til we'd exhausted our supplies and ourselves then sat in the sun with a nice cup of tea to relive the experience.

I'll leave these to batch until tomorrow afternoon then wash them out and we'll see if it's mud or glorious colour. Perhaps my blue finger will be clean by then, too - that's what happens when you accidently snip your glove - "Doh!", to quote Homer Simpson......

Sue xxxx


  1. The best photos will be of the resulting fabrics!!! Great day ... even with a blue finger.

    1. Loads of fun - it's killing me having to wait until tomorrow afternoon to wash it out. I'll keep you posted and wait for your pics too, xxxx