Friday, 9 August 2013

Today's Fun - Updated

Today at Redberry Quilter's sewing day we had a demo and practise at picture piecing - ie piecing from the front of the work rather than the back as in foundation piecing.

Joy gave us a run down on the procedure and Carolyn came prepared with patterns printed on freezer paper ready for us to cut, snap-lock bags to put the tiny pieces in and a master pattern so we'd be able to work out the next step.

This is my butterfly......

More fun and a new technique - many thanks girls,
Sue xxxx

I was remiss yesterday in giving credit to the originator of this technique, Cynthia England. The demonstration was based on Cynthia's book......

I discovered today that Cynthia has a generous website (click on this link) with links to two terrific YouTube videos explaining her process. They are very detailed and clear and I've already picked up a few new tips. There are also tutorials and a couple of free patterns as well as books and patterns for sale. Well worth a look if you are interested in having a go. 

(PS: Still working on 'Mud' - hope to have it ready soon.)

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