Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Perils of 5 Minute Shopping

On my way to an appointment I had to go past my local art shop so I thought I would squeeze in 5 minutes of shopping. I knew what I wanted - some grey Inktense pencils to tone down some of the other colours and make the kinds of eucalyptus greens I need for a current project.

I know where the pencils are kept (you might say it's a well worn track) so I went straight there, spotted some beautiful greys, grabbed half a dozen and paid up. When I got home and began to take the price tags off I discovered I had picked up Graphitint pencils by mistake. (These are tinted graphite pencils which can be used as a drawing pencil or wet to create a watercolour like wash - for use on paper, not fabric - also made by Derwent.)

I could have taken them back and exchanged them but I figured I might as well try them since I had heard of them and now I had some to hand......the colours are more subdued than Inktense and perfect for my little project.

It's probably just as well I only had 5 minutes because there's a big sale on for Christmas and it could have been a much more expensive exercise than coming home with six pencils.

I just hope this isn't the beginning of a new, must-have collection - though I suspect it may be.......

Sue xxxx

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