Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to anyone who may be passing through here......that seemed to come around quickly.

2013 for us was a year of recovery, travel adventures where we marvelled at ancient glories and great beauty - both natural and mad-made - and followed our creative hearts and dreams.

I heard New Year's resolutions described as 'the plans you make for the first week in January' but I'm hoping I can stick to my plans a little longer than that.....

2014 is full of creative promise beginning with an online class on dyeing (with an 'e') and design as well as plans to develop skills and design ideas more fully through friendly challenges.

But first on the agenda for me is the annual trip to the Snowy Mountains for trout fishing.....which for me means walking, photography, reading and sewing, chatting with my friend and great food.....while those who fish brave the elements and generally wear themselves out. (And virtually no Internet so I'll be a bit quiet for a week or so..)

The family Christmas fairies were very kind to me and some of these will be joining me on the trip.....

May 2014 bring you health, happiness and many creative adventures,

Sue xxxx

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