Wednesday, 28 May 2014

When More is Less and Less is More

When is more, less and less, more? Let me explain the latest changes and the 'how' and 'why'......

There is LESS stuff in my sewing room after our trip to Melbourne. We managed to cram our car full of daughter's stuff and redeploy it at her new abode. Gone is 'Samantha' (the dressmaker's dummy) and a large box or two from under my sewing table. Gone are some boxes from the wardrobe which has freed up MORE storage space for me to pack away my machine bags and covers.......

I found a small bookcase in our storage area (I'm not exactly sure who it belonged to but since no-one has been looking for it - for years - I figured it was mine - until someone claims it....)

I have my quilting books right next to my machine now and the good news is there is plenty of room for MORE books - should they happen to turn up in the mail someday......

And with a bit LESS clutter I can see MORE of my design wall as well.

I can once again sit on the couch which was drowning in books, projects and fabric that had nowhere to live.

 All my technique and reference books can now be accommodated on the original bookshelf with spaces to squeeze a few MORE in here and there........should that become necessary........

All in all a good day's work!

Back on the design wall that I can now see so much MORE of (including all the stray threads) is a small experimental and improvisational piece practising using complementary colours (ie those opposite each other on the colour wheel). It was also an excuse to use the 12 step colour gradation I dyed earlier in the year. The idea was to see the effect of using pairs of complementary colours in reverse proportions and study the effect.
(Very) Rough sketch with Inktense pencils
 So now we come to layout - and this has been the stumbling block.

This was the original idea based on the reasoning for the project.

Any comment / opinions gratefully received - though probably I should just dive in and stitch it up in the spirit of the original intention......... 

AND, I dusted, too! (Earlier pics here).

Sue xxxx

(I've also finally worked out how to link back to previous posts. You might like to test it out for me.)

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