Thursday, 28 February 2013

Been Fishing

A few days in the mountains with good friends makes for a refreshing break despite the weather being a bit iffy at times. I took my very, old friend 'Janome' with me but ended up spending the time reading and working on a long 'archived' project. (Insert 'something prepared and stuffed in a cupboard probably years ago.... ')

Basically it's an experiment in Kantha and Crazy patchwork embroidery. I plan to embroider the heck out of it to hopefully create a cloth with a vintage feel to it. If it works satisfactorily I'll turn it into a tablerunner for the coffee table. Regardless, it's a very meditative activity giving space to think or listen to conversation or music.

On the way home....

we became increasingly aware of the mini tornado that had ripped through our small town leaving a trail of destruction in a seemingly indiscriminate swathe through houses and farmland. Over 100 houses damaged in varying degrees - we were fortunate. 

Back at quilting on Monday we played with creating depth and atmospheric perspective in a small, freeform landscape.

What a difference a frame makes.......

And finally - a pic of the 'Grand-dog's' parents......

(She looks like her mum - on the right.

PS: In case you are wondering about fish - the Lake pretty much won this time.....

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  1. Hi Sue, the framed landscape has come up so well!!