Saturday, 30 March 2013


A little pile of giraffes (in the making) and other little piles of pieces for my entry in the 'Quilts in May' challenge to be held as part of the inaugural Quilt Show of the RedBerry Quilters. (If you are in or near Berry, NSW from 3rd to 5th May pop in and have a look.)

The theme of the challenge is 'Two by Two' as all proceeds from the show will go to Noah's Ark Children's services, Nowra. For some reason my brain immediately said giraffes...... (Yes, I know there are three giraffes - there's a reason for that which will become clear in time if all goes to plan.)

(Full details are available on the RedBerry Quilters blog - post dated Saturday 16th February, 2013. Click on the link above and it will take you there.)

And other piles.......not long now.....

One friend (who packs the day she leaves) will laugh at me for this. Another friend who leaves on her trip two days before me would understand totally - in fact she probably already has her stuff in her bag by now.

If you celebrate Easter have a happy day tomorrow. (We are bypassing the chocolate eggs this year but my mind is turning to Chocolate Pudding so I suspect we won't be an entirely chocolate free zone,

Sue xxxx

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