Tuesday, 21 May 2013

An Introduction to Four of the 'Ms'.... (Part 1)

Mosques, Minarets, Madrassas (Islamic school and universities) and Mausoleums.... (The other m's - meals, markets and monuments I'll save for future posts.)

At this stage the photos, which are in no particular order,  provide just a taste of some of the glorious buildings we encountered and give you a sense of the ancient landscapes that dotted the Silk Road. (I will go into a little more detail later on and focus on some of the wonderful designs that filled my head and my camera....).

The general range in age is from about the 9th century to the 15th century - give or take a few years here and there. The condition of the structures also ranges from original remnants to repaired and restored, or completely rebuilt,  depending on the ravages of earthquakes and conquerors or intervention by bodies such as UNESCO - who are doing a great job to protect many sites listed as World Heritage Areas.

                     (Although it was bitterly cold that day it's salt on the ground, not snow.)


Interestingly I didn't tire of looking at these but the modern versions left me cold........I'll post some more photos that Bob took later on - my card was full at the time - bugger!!
Sue xxxx

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