Saturday, 25 May 2013

In the Parcel

Here it is - well worth waiting for and I'm finding every excuse I can to walk over it in bare feet.......

The design is called 'Elephants Foot' and it seemed to be different from most of the wool carpets we saw in the showroom.

Vital stats - made from "baby camel neck hair" in Afghanistan in an internationally supervised factory and certified no child labour (as much as is possible to assure this - a certain amount of trust is involved). Approx 2m long by 1m in reds and dark blues giving it a purplish tinge in certain lights. Love it!!!

I'm planning a more detailed post on carpets later on but it will take a while to get  it together. In the meantime I plan to enjoy this one now that it has arrived safely.

Sue xxxx

PS: I think I have corrected the settings so it should now be possible to leave a comment for those people who tried and weren't able to. Would love to hear your thoughts on any posts..... Sx

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  1. Looks great! I'll have to come and walk on it xx El