Thursday, 23 May 2013


The bread, present at every meal, was delicious from the first bought loaf in a Tashkent market, Uzbekistan...... still warm..... the last food market visited in Almaty, Kazakhstan....

The loaves were similar throughout the four countries visited but each one had its own distinct pattern and flavour. (I'm guessing each baker has their own design and recipe, but didn't confirm this as fact.)

Mostly cooked in a Tandoor type oven, hence quite flat. (The patterning helps to flatten the loaves.) If they are too leavened and heavy they wouldn't stick to the wall of the oven to cook and fall into the fire at the bottom and burn instead.

We also had some tasty little meat and onion pastries cooked in these ovens. Simple but very effective means of cooking. 

These loaves are different to the norm - look closely to see an added difference....

(It was having a lovely picnic til spotted.)

And this is????

A bread stamp, of course - soon to be tested, I hope.

(And the lovely old man selling them.)
Sue xxxx

(PS: Acording to my jeans, some of the above bread may have come home with me. Such is life...)

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