Wednesday, 19 June 2013

More Tiles

Most of the time I was photographing these more geometric tile designs I remember thinking how I would go about piecing these designs, then how would I quilt them...... potential for modern quilts abounds - and these designs are hundreds of years old. Do you think perhaps glazed tiles = shot cottons???? Paper piecing anyone?

Lots more food for thought - and once more no apologies for the number of photos, nor if I've accidentally doubled up on any. Just let it wash over you, then have a good look at some close-ups and you'll see what I was thinking.....

                           (Our terrific Uzbek guide in the foreground...)

                 (Actually not tiles, but fits in with this post I think.)

All that, and just think we haven't even touched on mud bricks, domes, doors, carpets, ceramics or maybe some natural beauty to give our minds a bit of a rest........I'll see what takes my fancy.
Funnily enough before this trip blue wouldn't really have been one of my main 'go to' colours. I feel a blue collection will begin  as soon as I come off my fabric diet....
For now I need to get back to the flannel,
Sue xxxx


  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! Thanks so much for telling me about your photos, Sue. They are wonderful patterns - so much amazing geometry.

    1. You're most welcome - with your well known love of blue I thought you would enjoy them.