Thursday, 14 March 2013

Almost there......

After running out of bobbin thread with half a block to quilt the scrappy trip is now on the home stretch - only the binding to stitch down.

I was very pleased with my FMQ progress, especially as I was using monofilament thread for the first time - and it's hard to see where you have already been. It's all finally starting to flow more naturally and I'm really happy to be getting a feel for the rhythm of it.

On Monday we played with developing techniques to create tiles for 'Tile Quilts'. Mine is a fused sample to remind me of the process - clearly more care will need to be taken with an actual project....... I have a feeling it's a design idea that could come into its own after our trip. (Anyone like to hazard a guess at how many photos of tiles I will come home with?? Should we have a guessing competition?? Some silk thread instead of jellybeans perhaps.)

Loved these tiles at a restaurant in Darling Harbour - 'Charlie' wandered in for his tapas, too - and was gently ushered out. He was obviously a regular there....... Great inspiration - love the mix of patterns and the earthy colours.

Also in Darling harbour...... flowers??? All beautifully carved from fruit and vegetables. I don't know how these soft fruits stand up to the complex treatment - a real art.

Watermelon anyone?

Or rockmelon perhaps?

That's all for now. I'm off to look for cord to edge the large, needlepoint cushion I wrote about earlier. (One day I'll know how to link you back to what I'm talking about if you are interested....still learning the program.)
 So til next time,
xxxx Sue

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