Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Sometimes it's important to pay close attention to instructions.

You might well ask what these are, that is if you are remotely interested.......

The intention was to make a sample HST (half square triangle) to test the size......starting with 6" squares, (fortunately from scrap fabric) cross-cut to make 4 HSTs......can you see the problem? Off I went blithely sewing across both diagonals but missed a step - and ended up with these?????

Then we (the Monday Girls and I) realised that what I actually wanted to make were QSTs (quarter-square triangles) because I wanted to make blocks I have seen variously called 'hourglass' or 'windmills' (amongst a myriad of other names.)

After we picked ourselves up off the floor from laughing we determined that the size would be fine so the said 6" squares were duly cut and paired up. (And the instructions are now cemented in my brain - for now, anyway...)

At least I had some success on the day. The potholders are coming along nicely - very pleased with the improvised inserts - just need to decide on the binding.

Let's see what the day brings,
Sue xxxx

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