Thursday, 7 March 2013

Coming together

A lot of the reading and research I've done in recent years is finally starting to come together in my head and in practice (with guidance - thanks Carolyn).

On Monday we continued our explorations in perspective and armed with paper, fabric scraps and a glue stick quickly mocked up a traditional block to develop the idea. I really wasn't sure I had been sucessful until I got home and pinned it up on my design wall. And now..... I can see it. Much quicker than sewing it up but just as effective for a quick trial of an idea. (I guess you could do the same thing fusing fabric as well.)

In other news, ta da!...... I now have the full set. Gloria Loughman's third book, long awaited (by me, anyway), arrived on the doorstep on Tuesday morning. As with the others it's packed with just the right information I need to continue on with 2 projects I started when I did a workshop with her some time ago. And just the right inspiration to pick up where I left off when things weren't working the way I wanted them to.

Seeing Gloria's quilt 'Kimberley Mystique'  for the first time at the Sydney Quilt Show presented me with one of life's seminal moments. Her work and the work  of another Australian quilter, Susan Matthews, made me sit up and take notice of quilting, quilters and textile arts in all shapes and forms from the most traditional to the most modern and everything in between. It was so vastly different to the dabblings in patchwork I'd done in the early eighties and was the initial fuel that fanned an obsession that has gathered speed ever since then and shows no sign of abating. (My library is a testement to that - it doesn't seem to be getting any smaller either. ABB Dad.)

'Kimberley Mystique' - well worth close examination........

There is just so much to see, learn about and experiment with.

That's it for now - I'm off to dust play,

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